SmartSerialMail 7.2.2

Automatically send e-mails to a large number of recipients

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Send individual plain text and HTML mails to a large number of recipients.

SmartSerialMail allows you to sent e-mails automatically to a large number of recipients. E-mails can be sent using up to 64 connections simultaneously, which allows an optimal usage of your internet connection. Each mail is send individually to its recipient, so that only his name appears in the To: section of the mail header. Import your recipients lists from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel or ASCII Files. SmartSerialMail can connect directly to almost all kinds of databases. It supports plain text and html mails. All mails and recipient groups can be saved in the SmartSerialMail database, which allows easy and effective work with a large numbers of recipients. The new user interface is easy to use and assists you in the necessary steps to send serial mails.


SmartSerialMail 7.2.2

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    THE serialmailer .
    SmartSerialMail is my first choice when it comes to bulk mailings. You can do nearly anythi...   More